Pathophysiology and Molecular Basis of Blood Disorders

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Nicholas C. Zoumbos

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Πάτρα: Εκδόσεις «Πικραμένος», 2009
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ISBN 978-960-6628-17-7
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Science is in constant development. Medicine in particular welcomes almost everyday very important new information. How is anybody supposed to keep track of all this information, filter and absorb it? A hopeless task? An illusion?

In every discipline exists a foundation of basic solid knowledge, which we could name The Rock. On top of this, thin layers of new scientific information -The Sand- precipitate almost every single day. Most of it will eventually disappear, but a small portion will adhere and will be part of the Rock. The task of anybody trying to write a book concerning such a rapidly developing field is double: First to describe The Rock of our knowledge in Molecular Hematology. And then to discriminate among the new sand precipitates, those that will pass the test of time and be incorporated in the Rock.

This book originated from the belief that the microworld in our cells is fascinating and every effort to elucidate it worthwhile. Hematology has been always privileged in the eternal effort of the human mind to understand the mechanisms of disease, due not only to the relatively easy availability of hematopoietic cells, but mostly due to the extraordinary talent of many of the people working in this field.